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  • Who We Are

    Rivers of Life Bible Church is a Bible-based, Prayer-Centred church ministry. Our teachings and conduct are based squarely on the Word of God (Bible). In fact, our slogan states "Where Lives Change By the Word and Prayer!
    We are committed to raising up people from nothing to becoming fully mature in their walk with God and service to humanity.
    The activities we run comprise of weekly worship services on Sundays and weekday Prayer & Bible Teaching services on Fridays. At the beginning of each and every month we hold also a week-long series of prayer and fasting meetings which a strong focus on a practical application of prayer and the Word

  • Our Mission & Focus

    Preach the full gospel for salvation, deliverance, healing and prosperity of the total man;

    Give the poor and needy a hand up not a handout;

    Spread prayer, outreach and revival across the globe;

    Transform lives through the efficacy of the Word and Prayer!

  • Brief History

    A Ministry is Born

    It could be said that Rivers of Life Bible Church had an almost serendipitous beginning. Beginning as a intercessory prayer activity, coupled with the organisation of monthly seminars, it was registered as the foundation Powerline International Ministries (Prayer Power) in the Netherlands in 1997. The leaders, being Apostle Larry Dorkenoo & Evangelist Helen Ruth Onwu had met in Rotterdam in an Assemblies of God church there. Larry was in business school and Helen was originally to study law. In this then new church they became a dynamic part of the leadership with Larry was administrator and prayer director for four years while Helen held various roles as church secretary and prayer secretary of the Prayer Warriors department and women’s speaker on various occasions.

    Development of the Call

    It was in the course their duties they began to experience the call of God. This happened through manifestations of the gifts of Holy Spirit and His anointing and power in the area of prayer, baptisms in the Holy Ghost, healings and expulsion of demon spirits from the lives of people. This curious phenomenon together with confirmations of God’s word through prayer and prophetic utterances prompted them to seek further God’s direction and purpose for their lives. That search culminated in more study of God’s Word, prayer and fasting which eventually birthed monthly teaching and deliverance seminars in the city of Amsterdam from 1997 – 1998. During the seminars they taught God’s word and ministered to people’s needs. The results were healings, expulsion of demon spirits and amazing transformation recorded in the lives of people. They carried out home visitations and ministry on one-one basis in private settings usually upon personal request. The seminars were attended by people of diverse religious and denominational persuasions.

    Besides all that, an all-night prayer session became another prominent hallmark of their ministry which was well attended then.
    Then in 1998 nudged by the Holy Spirit, they felt led by to change course slightly with the direction of the ministry. The LORD indicated it was time to groom others to help with the ministry. This resulted in the start of our first church base in June 1998. Those in the church base are to grow into the vision to help birth prayer revivals and sustain them across the globe.
    Larry has a computer science degree, an MBA as well as ministry training from the Oral Roberts University. Helen as a degree in English language plus ministry training and mentoring from various institutions in the USA and Nigeria.
    In 2006 the church base was renamed Rivers of Life Bible Church (under the charity foundation Powerline International Ministries). This was to distinguish the church entity from the other activities of the foundation.

    International reach

    Since the beginning, this ministry has (and continues to) touch lives with the gospel of our LORD Jesus across the nations. Among places we have visited preaching and teaching the gospel are the United Kingdom, Columbia, South Carolina, Tulsa, OK, Long Island, NY, Philadephia (all in the United States of America), Milan (Italy) and India just to mention a few.

    Our ministry also is at the forefront of inter-church and interdenominational efforts and fraternities in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands.

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